This dimmable LED lamp with touch controls will add a modern touch to your nightstand

A decorative complement to your home’s ambient lighting.

An LED lamp with very superior features

There are many companies that offer a wide range of home automation products of all types. From smart light bulbs to padlocks with fingerprint readers. There is everything! and one of the most popular categories is the lighting accessories category. With products as amazing as the ones we recommend today.

This LED lamp From the manufacturer FOMYHEARD has an absolutely perfect minimalist design that will add a modern touch to your home in a very interesting style. Moreover, it a 15% discount!

LED lamp

A very affordable LED lamp with a simple and minimalist design

Let’s start by talking about the most interesting technical features of this lamp and the details of its functions. The truth is that this LED lamp has a number of features that make it a highly recommended purchase.

First of all, that’s it 256 RGB colors You can choose to illuminate your home. There is also touch controls and allows you to edit the light tone without preset levels.

It has different light modes with gradients and ambient light types. On the other hand, the battery 2200mAh Depending on its use, it an autonomy of 12 to 100 hours. When the battery starts to run out, the lamp shows a flashing red light.

With this LED lamp soft and warm light It is a perfect option for small children’s rooms as it does not disturb the eyes and does not harm falling asleep.

Price of FOMYHEARD LED lamp 16.99 euros They give you a 15% discount and an extra promotional code if you buy two.

LED lamp

It is a very beautiful lamp with a minimalist design that adds a modern touch to the decoration of every home. Cheap, efficient and beautiful. What more could you want?

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