LDPR deputy Sergei Leonov believes that it is necessary to recognize the desire to purchase a new iPhone as a mental disorder. He told Caution media about this.

According to him, it’s time to recover from iPhone addiction, and that from year to year “the same story repeats itself.”

Apple presents new cosmetic models for your smartphone, millions of consumers around the world make amazing and even significant changes compared to the previous, exaggerated marketing manipulations of the manufacturer (for example, the notorious charging connector, which only works well with the original charger for $ 70), but they still queue. Many people take out loans for this fashion gadget.

The vast majority of consumers do not use even a fifth of the functions and capabilities of the iPhone; the desire to buy it, and in the most expensive configuration, is pure hysteria, artificially created by marketers. Although on the market it is quite possible to be several times cheaper, which Likhvoit provides to the mass consumer.

Sergei Leonov, LDPR deputy

Source: Iphones RU

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