The Ministry of Digital Development has published a number of regulations that establish new rules for website hosting providers.

The documents suggest the emergence of a register of domestic providers who can host information systems.

Providers will be connected to the state system for detecting, tracking and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks (GosSOPKA, controlled by the FSB). The company contacted GosSOPKA to request the IP address of the site within four hours.

Hosting companies will also be required to block for 12 hours sites that GosSOPKA considers involved in cyber attacks, for example, DDoS.

Providers should be on an equal basis with telecom operators to participate in classes on disconnecting the RuNet from the global network. This requirement will be easy to implement since most companies have already developed traffic filtering equipment.

Representatives of hosting companies believe that the new rules may lead to higher rates for customers. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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