Of course, Disney+ includes all the well-known classics from the world-famous movie studio. In addition, this popular streaming platform adds a new load of movies, series and documentaries to its ever-expanding catalog every month. A subscription costs 8.99 Euros per month. Which games will be online in June? This is new to Disney+.

Atlanta (season 3)

This award-winning series is about Atlanta’s close-knit rap community. The main characters are music manager Earn and his cousin Alfred. Secondly, the promising rapper is also known as ‘Paper Boy’. The duo aims to be together in the music industry. This becomes quite challenging in practice, as cousins ​​face quite a few barriers of any particular concern. Musical breakthrough therefore happens through trial and error.

In season 3, the rap group embarks on a European tour with artists visiting cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam. Many scenes take place in our capital and there is even a song in Dutch. Ruben van der Meer plays a supporting role. Atlanta It will be available on Disney+ starting June 29.

Ascension: A Family of Champions

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the biggest stars in the NBA right now, but success didn’t quite come to him. What’s special is that Giannis has three brothers who are active in professional basketball. This movie chronicles how Charles and Vera Antetokounmpo traveled from Nigeria to Greece in 1991. The two went in search of a better life.

Unfortunately, they were not welcomed with open arms in Europe. They even threatened to be expelled from the country. Sons Giannis and Thanasis earn a spot on the local youth basketball team, while the young parents do everything they can to survive with the gift shop. His unique basketball skills will change the Antetokounmpo family’s lives forever. Ascension: A Family of Champions Available from 24 June.

Restarting the Family (season 1)

Family Reboot brings closer the pitfalls of busy family life. Today, parents and children often find it difficult to establish real contact with each other. For example, busy work, social media and ambitious sports programs play a role in this. Because of all the hectic pace and various contemporary distractions, family members often barely notice each other.

Under the guidance of different coaches, families learn to strengthen their bond in this real-life series. In short, hand over smartphones and do fun things together! Each family takes a week off to re-establish family ties. This six-episode series will air on Disney+ starting June 15.

Woman. Marvel (season 1)

It will launch with Disney+ (weekly) streams starting June 8th. Woman. astonishment† This six-part series revolves around a Pakistani-American Muslim woman. Kamala Khan is an exemplary student with a talent for writing. She also seems to have superhuman powers. This is a good thing because the young girl has a deep interest in superheroes. Slowly but surely, the sixteen-year-old student is increasingly emphasizing the role of his idols. The question is whether Kamala knows how to use her superpowers well.

Baymax! (Season 1)

Although it will take some time, Disney+ will release its new animated series on June 29. Baymax!† If you’ve watched the 2014 movie Big Hero 6, the main character is probably familiar to you. This spinoff follows Baymax’s various activities in the city of San Fransokyo.

The task of the inflatable robot is to help other people in the best possible way. Unfortunately, the white giant is often slow, which causes uncomfortable and precarious situations. The trailer already has a lot of promise because this animated series contains a lot of humor. Baymax! There are six sections.

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