Telecommunications operators have not yet received documents from the FAS demanding the cancellation of fees for distributing Internet traffic from mobile devices, but some of them have already requested anchoring to a paid network. “a forced measure”, and experts linked it to rising infrastructure costs and predicted an increase in tariffs.

The market called paid Internet distribution from smartphones a “forced measure”

in the press service VimpelCom (Beeline Brand) RB.RU reported that “there is nothing to comment on yet; we have not yet received any documents on the issue from the FAS.” “We will study what they do,” the company added. IN megaphone He also reported that they could analyze the consequences of the regulator’s requirements and decide the next steps after seeing the full document.

Representative MTS He also reported that the operator has not yet received an official warning from the FAS and will decide on further actions later. At the same time, MTS noted that they “provided in advance all the necessary information and sufficient economic and technical justification for changing the Internet distribution parameters under the conditions of MTS.”

The company also called paid tethering a “forced measure” that aims to “reduce the uncontrolled growth of Internet traffic in the communications network, part of which is generated precisely due to the distribution of the Internet.”

“This measure was not relevant 5-10 years ago, at the beginning of the rapid development of the Internet, but today it is a necessary tool to manage the load on the communications network to maintain high speeds and quality of Internet access for all subscribers. “explained a company representative.

IN “Tele 2” He refrained from commenting.

The decision of the FAS can be considered logical, taking into account the number of complaints from subscribers, believes Anastasia Chumak, a specialist at the Intercession law firm. According to her, operators began to unilaterally charge for Internet distribution, which “can be interpreted as a violation of the law on the protection of consumer rights.”

At the same time, Chumak noted that operators are well aware of the rising costs of their infrastructure.

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“The business vision is that it is logical to pass these costs on to the final consumer. Therefore, we can expect both the introduction of tariffs for other services that were previously included in the tariff package as basic, and a direct increase in tariffs,” the expert considers.

  • Previously, the FAS issued a warning to the four large mobile operators (MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Tele2) about fees for distributing Internet traffic from mobile devices. Companies must cancel it within a month and avoid restrictions on said functionality for subscribers.
  • According to experts interviewed by RB.RU, the function of connecting devices could cost the user up to 1.5 thousand rubles per month, in addition to the tariff.


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Source: RB

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