After the presentation on September 12, several different phablet models remained: a new iPhone 15 pro max and last year iPhone 14 pro max.


▣ What is the difference between iPhone 15 and iPhone 14
▣ What is the difference between iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro
▣ What is the difference between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro
▣ What is the difference between iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Now you can compare two top flagships: last year and the new product for 2023. Let’s figure out whether it’s worth updating or which phablet is better to choose when purchasing.

1. Dimensions and body

Dimensions iPhone 15 pro max one: 159.9 x 76.7 x 8.25 mmweight 221 g. The device has become a little more compact, but the power of the smartphone has increased. But the phablet has become almost 20 grams lighter. All thanks to the use of titanium in production. Due to the more compact dimensions, the frame around the display has been reduced.

The new model architecture makes rear panel repair more affordable.

The line includes the following colors: black, white, blue and natural titanium.

Dimensions iPhone 14 pro max one: 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85 mm with weight 240 gr. The frame at the end is steel.

The model range includes colors: black, white, gold and dark purple.

Which dimensions and body are better: In the new model range of “prosheks”, the ends of the model were slightly rounded and the thickness of the body was increased. Some users may find it more comfortable and does not dig into the palm, which is critical when using a large phablet. Considering the overall dimensions of the device, the difference in dimensions is not so critical, but the reduced weight of the new product will be felt.

The set of available colors is a matter of taste for each user. In both cases there are interesting options.

2. Iron

New iPhone 15 pro max received the top-end 3-nanometer chip A17 Pro. It consists of a 6-core processor and a 6-core GPU, there is a 16-core system. Neural engine.

The chip now includes modules for video encoding and data transmission control. Type-C. There is now support for ray tracing on graphics at the hardware level.

The amount of RAM has been increased to 8 GB. There are 3 drive recommendations available to choose from: 256, 512 GB or 1TB.

Last year’s iPhone 14 pro max runs on processor A16 Bionic. It is a 4nm chip that has 6 CPU cores and 5 GPU cores, as well as a 16-core Neural engine.

The amount of RAM is 6 GBThere are models with storage: 128, 256, 512 GB or 1 TB.

Who has better iron: The new products will be especially noticeable in synthetic tests and games. At the same time, the developers made great efforts and announced several new products. In basic tasks, you won’t notice a difference in speed and performance.

3. Camera

New iPhone 15 pro max received an updated module, which differs not only from previous models, but also from the flagship iPhone 15 pro. It’s all about the improved telephoto lens.

The triple camera module consists of: width 48 MP, 24 mm, ƒ/1.78ultra-wide 12 MP, 13 mm, ƒ/2.2 and television 12 MP, 120 mm, ƒ/2.8. Thanks to its increased focal length, the telephoto allows you to get 5x zoom or 25x digital zoom. To do this, the new phablet is equipped with a tetralens with a 3D preservation system and autofocus.

A software feature has appeared to change the focal length while shooting. You can choose from 13 to 120 mm.

The camera has learned to shoot ProRes in resolution 4K at 60 fps. Video recording to a connected storage device built into the iPhone is supported. To take a photo, we pumped up the conditions Smart HDR 5. Portrait mode can now be enabled automatically or during post-processing.

Last year’s iPhone 14 pro max It has a similar module of three cameras, but with one difference: width 48 MP, 24 mm, ƒ/1.78extra wide 12 MP, 13 mm, ƒ/2.2 and telephoto 12 MP, 77 mm, ƒ/2.8. The telephoto focal length provides only 3x zoom.

The device does not have software features for selecting the focal length when shooting and changing the portrait mode in post-processing. ProRes can only be filmed in 4K at 30 fpsYou won’t be able to save the video directly to an external drive.

Who has the better camera: at the everyday level, there is only one difference – the highest zoom ratio in a telephoto lens. The remaining features are intended only for a narrow circle of professional mobile photographers and camera operators.

4. Other differences

▶ Perhaps the most noticeable innovation of the line iPhone 15 pro max — replacing the silent mode lever of the universal button Action button. By assigning a key, you can change system parameters.

▶ The second difference was the transition from Lightning on Type-C connector with data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps (you need to purchase a high-speed cable).

▶ The wireless module has been updated WiFi 6E instead of WiFi 6 in past phablets.

iPhone 15 pro got a new chip Apple Yu2 to move the gadget into the house (does not work in Russia).

▶ Support for the smart home standard has appeared A thread.

All differences are brief

▣ The dimensions are small, here is the difference in weight, thickness and ease of grip of the new one iPhone 15 pro max will be a plus. Also the shape of the materials, the frame and the color of the case.

▣ The hardware of the new phablet is more powerful thanks to the new 3nm processor and 8 GB RAM. This is only necessary for filming long videos and games that were just announced at presentations.

▣ The cameras have been slightly upgraded in the new product due to the updated telephoto. The remaining differences are almost invisible.

▣ Other differences include the appearance of a button instead of the silent mode switch and the transition to Type-C.

For reasons still unclear, the Cupertino team removed 128 GB model from parts iPhone 15 pro max. The price of the most affordable model in the US is now US$1199. If we compare prices taking into account the storage capacity, the model has not increased in price.

From resellers iPhone 14 pro max will be sold at a reduced price, models with a storage drive are presented here. 128 GB and get a better deal on your tablet. Iconic and important features iPhone 15 pro max no, if you choose a gadget from these two, we recommend looking towards last year’s.

🛒 find out prices for iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max and pre-order

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