The British company Aeralis has presented an interesting modular jet concept. The idea is that a large number of modules can be attached to a “common base fuselage” to create a wide variety of aircraft types.

For example, you can install a single or double cabin on it. The universal unit is responsible for most of the additional fuel tank or electronic warfare equipment. The cabin space is also very demanding on the usefulness of the drone.

Airplane Aeralis

The subprinciple is translated onto paper. This is the most powerful “basic” wing, which can “continue” several variants of lift, a stealth wing, a swept wing for high-speed transonic flight and a wing designed for use in subsonic training aircraft.

In the concept, Aeralis is recommended for two years, so they will be separated.

Aeralis builds its work in American culture and in the field of high technology – Honeywell, Thales, Rolls-Royce, Siemens and others. What are the results – the Middle East “magnificent fund” is worth $13 million. and it is not necessary to sign up for contracts with UK ministers.

The company plans to launch prototypes in 2025. Certification and first posts containing modules Planned for 2026.

Source: Tech Cult

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