Agility Robotics announced the construction of its RoboFab manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon today. On an area of ​​6 thousand square meters. sq. m will create models of humanoid robots “Digital”. The goal of the orientation is a total of 10,000 robots.

Digit is designed to be a cutting-edge cell phone, first and foremost, and not a grab-and-go type of phone. In this way, he will be able to displace people from jobs in the warehouses of marketplaces such as Amazon. The robot learns 16 and 24 times in each case, mainly on a recharging basis.

The design of the numbers is intended for this purpose and is not optimized for node nodes. In fact, they don’t have too much weight and also add ergonomics when moving and basic control over the center of gravity when lifting and moving loads. The robot is 175 cm tall, weighs 65 kg and is capable of carrying loads weighing 16 kg. On the other hand, it must be obstacle oriented, able to withstand loads and re-engage.

It is important to know that the construction and digitization of figures is verified. Today’s bulk of physical work is carried out, the role of which is to reload the machines at various stages of their journey from the points of readiness to the consumer. Robots must be easy to use in this job.

Source: Tech Cult

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