Researchers from Aalto University in Finland have compiled a map of the phenomena of love in the human body. They set out to study different types of love in the body. Since love, as a strong form of judgment, influences human development and its interaction with the world, scientists are very curious to see This is the name of the name of the cell.

In the study, they received $700 in Finland, Sweden and Taiwan. They were able to select and display in the Czech theme the phenomenon of various types of love – iron, for delicious food, love for one’s country, etc. They also worked hard to focus on the intensity and variety of sensory and emotional connections.

Map of feelings

Because of their research, they are very important for this purpose, for example, in re-experiencing the feeling of love, the whole body is involved, and not in different ways. First of all, depression leads to opposition to everything, for example, anger causes activation of the limbs – it is no coincidence that a person clenches his fists in anger. This is the case with the same light, on the other hand, it varies depending on physical activity.

The physical and physical impact is direct: a person reacts to love and emotions, and to the actions of the body. This is where the sayings about lovers come from, and whose attention wanders and is really in the hand. Now scientists have a rough idea of ​​how any mechanics work, but this was not included in sphere.

Source: Tech Cult

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