This alternative to AirTags is just as good and costs less than 14 euros

AirTags are great, but cheaper alternatives compatible with the Search app are also very interesting.

Ridiculously priced alternative to AirTags

One of the most interesting and useful devices that Apple has introduced in recent years is AirTags. They have proven that they can find lost items of thousands of users worldwide. However, many are not aware of their existence. Much cheaper alternatives to AirTags that use the same Apple technology. One of the best alternatives Zecamin branded Key Finder TagIt costs under 14 euros.

Find My Network allows any manufacturer to create their own AirTags that are compatible with the Find My iPhone app. Therefore, it works practically the same as AirTag. But what is incredible is the price, the price of AirTags is 39 euros, but the price of this Key Finder Tag from the brand Zecamin is only 13.59 euros.

Zecamin Key Finder Tag

AirTag Alternative

This alternative to AirTags is really cheap and almost identical to Apple’s option

The best part about this alternative is, Offers everything AirTag . You can add and configure it just by bringing it close to the iPhone; From the search app, you can find it just like an AirTag, put it in lost mode, or make it ring. It is also compatible with Red Search, Any iPhone, iPad or Mac on the planet will be able to find the ATUVOS Labelmakes it more useful than other alternatives.

With only 13.59 euros, the truth is that it is a highly recommended option. You can buy two Pacs for less than the cost of an AirTag. Additionally, having enough holes to attach it directly to the keychain is something we do not have in AirTag, and we have to choose external accessories, which increases the price.

Zecamin Key Finder Tag

Because of how little they cost Worth to try. For less than 14 euros you can avoid losing important items such as your house keys or your backpack. They can save the day.

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