An international group of researchers led by Fuqiang Wang, a professor at the Russian Institute of Technology, has completed the “Chameleon Material Study Experiment.” They were written over 12 months, so they are included in the work below. The experiment was considered successful – the new coating in passive mode will be able to cool and warm the building.

Scientists observed the idea in Chameleon Namakov, a native of the desert of South-West Africa. Other foods on the same day are dark colored okra similar to the ones below. Radial heating is reduced so it can be used again.

The new material uses the term “temperature-adaptive” coating.” What is the point of a microcapsule with polyvinylidene fluoride – a substance that changes infrared radiation within the range of visibility depending on its temperature. The process begins at a temperature of 20 ºC – the temperature range is indicated below. Before delivery at 30 ºC very light, this time 93% sunny.

In today’s godly experience, a newbie discovered results about passively cooling buildings in an area with white paint and different my lives – roof tiles. These very few things are classified according to the content of the product, currently the daily difference in temperature is becoming the most pronounced. Alas, the practical application of the new material is not yet discussed; each of them is in the stadium. study.

Source: Tech Cult

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