One in four recipients of email newsletters in Russia (25.32%) use foreign email. This data was obtained after analyzing 1.5 billion emails sent through Unisender services from 2020 to 2023.

The most popular foreign email domain was, accounting for 24.06% of emails sent. Other foreign domains, such as and, are less popular and account for less than 1% of messages sent. However, more than 60% of emails were sent to Russian postal services; 38.93% of them were sent to and 12.6% to The remaining 13.55% is sent to corporate mailboxes.

The study also found that 68.45% of email addresses in Russia are in the .ru domain zone, while 31.55% are in the .com, .net, .by, .de, etc. found it to be in other zone domains.

In July 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning registration on Russian websites using foreign electronic mail services, imposing restrictions on registration only through Russian phone numbers, the Gosuslugi portal, the Unified Biometric System (UBS) or information systems owned by Russian citizens . or Russian legal entities. This step was taken to improve data security and control.

Russian email services have become more popular as foreign services began restricting access for Russian users. Many Russians began registering their mailboxes to Russian domains to avoid data loss. However, some users still continue to use foreign mail services for their main mail.

Source: Ferra

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