Advertising is one of main sources of funding from YouTube. Both from the platform and from the channels of video creators. For some time now, ads have been shown in all videos, as in those that have activated this option. live off it like those who prefer to offer free videos. Whatever it is, before, during, or at the end of a video, you often come across one, two or more advertisements a few seconds or a few minutes. But you can watch YouTube videos without ads.

The most obvious way is to subscribe to YouTube Premium, the paid version of YouTube. This is a legal way to watch YouTube videos without ads. Has several modes depending on whether you want to share your account and integrates, in addition to videos, the YouTube music catalog. To this we must add offline mode, background playback and no ads. if you use youtube dailyDon’t rule this out.

But if you’ve come this far, maybe it’s because you want to watch YouTube videos without ads on your face. In this case, you have several options in the form alternative apps or players. The problem is that not all of these applications are equally reliable. Some are designed to get data from your phone. But let’s see the most recommended options at the moment. And remember that you can also download them to your computer.

Video without ads from YouTube Premium

Before dismissing this option, please note that first month free. You will receive a reminder 7 days before the charge. You can cancel whenever you want. Second. With one subscription, you have access to YouTube Already Youtube music. Video and music. Thirdly. paid subscription offers several services: no ads, offline and in the background.

Regarding prices:

  • YouTube Premium individual: 11.99 euros per month
  • YouTube Premium a family: €17.99 per month (up to 5 “family” accounts can be added)
  • YouTube Premium student: €6.99 per month (with requirements, annual review and 4 year validity)

Previously, there was a separate YouTube-only account for €6.99/month called Premium Lite, but it does not appear on the official page. Also not available annual subscription, cheaper but inactive in Spain. At the moment.

NewPipe blocks ads and allows you to download videos

New pipe for Android

If you are an Android user and want to watch YouTube without ads, you are in luck. There are several ways to skip ads on YouTube on this platform. It is most convenient to download unofficial applications, i.e. youtube players alternatives. The most popular at the moment is called NewPipe. It only works on Android, and for obvious reasons, you won’t find it on Google Play.

Therefore, in order to install NewPipe, you need to download the APK installer. To do this, you will need to accept a few permissions. The first one is “Install unknown apps”. you will find it in Settings. After downloading the APK, you must click on Install. Of course, first check the permissions that the app needs to work.

NewPipe It works similar to YouTube, but without ads, of course. You can video searchview offers, subscribe to channels, view watch history, create a list of your favorite videos. In addition, you have additional options, such as not seeing ads or downloading videos you like. Another advantage is that you don’t need to login with your Google account.

YouTube on your Android without dependence on Google

LibreTube for Android

The second alternative YouTube player. FreeTube It’s also exclusive to Android and free. The appearance is similar to the official YouTube app: trends, subscriptions, library, subtitles. etc. But the opportunity stands out in particular watch videos without ads. To make this possible, he uses SponsorBlock.

Like NewPipe, it is a free and open source project. Therefore, it is frequently updated and hosted on GitHub. So if you use this app frequently, you can cooperate with a donation or help the project by translating the app.

SmartTubeNext for Android TV

If you have a TV or an Android TV device instead of an Android smartphone or tablet, you can also watch YouTube videos for hours without interrupting ads. In this case, with a free and open source application called SmartTubeNext. Besides being compatible with Android TV, it also works with Google TV and Amazon Fire TV. Come on, it’s meant for big screens.

SmartTubeNext features to highlight: ad blocking via SponsorBlock, adjustable playback speed, support 4K content, 60 fps and/or HDR, does not depend on Google services, etc. On the contrary, it does not allow chat to be shown in live videos and causes problems with comments. A small sacrifice is more than acceptable to watch ad-free videos.

If you watch YouTube on PC or Mac, you have Adblock for YouTube.

YouTube without ads in Chrome and Firefox

If you watch YouTube videos from your computer using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can install an extension or add-on for get rid of ads. We don’t know how long this extension will last in the Google store, but it’s there. And its official page is hosted on Google Sites. His name ad blocker for youtube and it serves to block YouTube video ads. Purely.

In addition to advertising, also block banners, pop-ups and any other promotional items that appear in the video or YouTube page. It even blocks ads pre-roll, which appear before the video is mandatory for all videos. Whether their authors want it or not.

Source: Hiper Textual

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