Black Friday 2023, which promises unmissable deals, will take place on November 24. That’s why TecMundo has already launched special TecFriday coverage, bringing special price tips for various products such as TVs, mobile phones and laptops.

One of the products that should be available at more affordable prices is 43 inch smart televisions.. After the increase in recent years, the date full of promotions may be the best opportunity to invest in a new device.

These models are recommended for small spaces with a distance of up to 2.5 meters between the screen and the viewer, such as living rooms and bedrooms.. Today’s TVs, in particular, allow access to major streaming services and offer many other features.

TecMundo has six recommendations for those looking to buy a 43-inch smart TV on Black Friday. Check out the highlights of each device, the recommended price, and the lowest value ever found on comparison sites.

Samsung QLED 4K Frame QN43LS03B Smart TV

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With the Matter screen, 4K resolution and QLED technology guarantee an outstanding image! It has a slim design and voice connection with main assistants.

Samsung QLED The Frame smart TV A premium option with minimalist design and slim, customizable bezels. Model using Tizen operating system, Anti-glare matte display with QLED technology and 4K UHD resolution.

It has the capacity to produce 1 billion colors, device displays detailed images with Quantum HDR for greater brightness and contrast. Another interesting point is the smart lighting sensor that adjusts the image according to the ambient brightness.

According to Samsung, the recommended price of the 43-inch The Frame smart TV is R$ 3,159. However, the model is currently offered at a price of R$ 2,445.It is the most recommended for purchasing during Black Friday.

Smart TV TCL LED 43P635

Image: TCL LED 43P635 Smart TV
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Rely on the Google TV operating system, a variety of apps and streaming, 4K resolution and much more!

TCL LED 43P635 Smart TV, Recommendation for those who want a device with a high cost-benefit ratio. The model with Google TV operating system, which has an infinity view on three sides, An LED panel with 4K UHD resolution.

Moreover Capable of displaying 1 billion colorsThe TV uses 4K HDR and HDR 10 technologies to optimize images and deliver detailed shadows and superior brightness. On device for greater immersion in movies, TV series and games Dolby Audio digital audio support.

Currently, the recommended price of the 43-inch TCL LED 43P635 smart TV is R$ 2,221. To make a comparison during Black Friday, it’s worth noting: The lowest price of the model was R$ 1,620.

Smart TV Samsung LED Crystal UN43CU8000

Image: Samsung LED Crystal UN43CU8000 Smart TV
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With Dynamic Crystal Color Technology providing high resolution images. It has Gaming Hub, various apps, streaming, and voice control that provide a complete experience.

Samsung LED Crystal CU8000 A highly recommended smart TV for gaming enthusiasts. The Tizen system model, which has an elegant and minimalist AirSlim design, 4K UHD resolution LED panel.

The TV uses Dynamic Crystal Color technology to display more realistic colors and higher contrast images. In addition to three HDMI 2.1 ports, Another attraction is the Gaming Hub, which has access to Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming services..

The recommended price of the 43-inch Samsung Crystal CU8000 smart TV in the brand’s store is R$ 2,199. For those looking for reference value on Black Friday, the model has already been sold for R$ 1,895.

Smart TV LG LED ThinQ AI 43UQ7500PSF

Image: LG LED ThinQ AI 43UQ7500PSF Smart TV
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

LG ThinQ AI 43″ LED Smart TV offers 4K HDR image quality and resolution, has WebOS system and 60 Hz refresh rate. You can rely on voice control and various streaming applications.

LG LED ThinQ AI UQ7500 promises smart TV with webOS system a very complete experience to users. The model, combined with a lightweight thin-edged design, 4K UHD resolution LED panel.

With HDR10 Pro, it has high detail and vivid colors, TV uses AI to convert non-4K content into high-resolution images. Additionally, the AI ​​automatically adjusts the brightness based on the ambient lighting.

Today, the average price of a 43-inch LG ThinQ AI UQ7500 smart TV is R$ 1,899. For those who are considering buying the model at a more affordable price; The lowest value of the device was R$ 1,679.

Smart TV Philips LED 43PFG6825/78

Picture: Smart TV Philips LED 43PFG6825/78
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Philips 43″ LED Smart TV features Saphi. It also has Bluetooth, integrated Wi-Fi, streaming apps and more!

Philips LED 43PFG6825/78 smart TV is an option Suitable for those looking for a simple yet immersive experience. The model has an infinity edge on three sides. LED panel with Full HD resolution and HDR 10 technology.

Thanks to the Pixel Plus HD feature, the television produces images with clearer and more contrast.. Thus, viewers can watch movies and TV series with brighter white tones and more realistic black tones.

Currently, the 43-inch Philips LED 43PFG6825/78 smart TV is available for an average price of R$ 1,799. For a comparison during Black Friday, the model is already sold for R$ 1,499.

Smart TV LG LED ThinQ AI 43LM6370

Image: LG LED ThinQ AI 43LM6370 Smart TV
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

It has an LED display with 43.0″ Full HD resolution and 60 Hz native frequency. It has HDMI 2.0, USB, Bluetooth, integrated Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring for connection to other devices. Rely on streaming applications and image quality!

LG LED ThinQ AI 43LM6370 smart TV One more suggestion for consumers who want a simple device with artificial intelligence resources from webOS. The model, which brings a slightly thicker appearance at the edges, Full HD resolution LED panel.

With its Active HDR and Dynamic Color Enhancer features, the television reproduces images with clearer, more natural and vibrant colors. Another attraction is Dolby Audio and Virtual surround Plus support for a richer, more realistic audio experience.

According to the brand, the recommended price of the 43-inch LG LED ThinQ AI smart TV is R$ 1,999. Despite everything, The lowest value of the device was R$ 1,469Black Friday is ideal for investing.

TecFriday: TecMundo’s Black Friday

Image: TecFriday: TecMundo's Black Friday
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

TecMundo has prepared a special page to bring you products at the best prices this Black Friday. In addition to finding promotions and discounts, you can also access special offers and coupons from partner stores.

TecFriday is TecMundo’s official Black Friday publication, offering relevant information about products, discount coupons, and the best prices on the market!

Source: Tec Mundo

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