Google Photos has a variety of features that are used by users, but some possibilities may be overlooked by the public at large. One of these options is the chance to create various images, for example, from a video saved on your mobile phone.

If you’re interested, see below for a practical guide to teach you. How to create different images from a video using Google Photos?. Check out!

How to create images using videos in Google Photos?

To capture quality footage from a video using Google Photos, just follow these steps:

1. Open Google Photos on the device you will be using and then access the video you want to work with;

2. While the video is playing on your screen, tap it to open some options. Then tap the icon To edit will appear at the bottom of your screen;

3. Once you have control over recording navigation (the device can download the file), Just go to the point in the video where the moment you want to turn into a photo is located.. Once this selection is made, tap . Export frame and wait for the program to complete this process;

4. If you don’t want to make any edits to this image using the tools offered by Google Photos, just tap the icon. To cancel To return to the gallery;

5. When you return to the home screen, simply observe whether the image in question appears next to the video in the gallery.

Have you seen how easy it is to extract images from a video with the help of Google Photos app? Share this content with your friends so they can start using this feature and take the opportunity to check out tips on how to download images from Google Photos. Until later!

Source: Tec Mundo

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