25 years ago one of the world’s greatest Big Technologies emerged. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998. It quickly became a huge success and contributed to the development of the Internet in many ways.

We have chosen ten of the best products, considering remembering some of their main products – ones that really make a difference in the daily lives of many people. Do you want to know what they are? Check it out below!


The Android operating system is available on most smartphones sold worldwide. Many brands use it to improve their tools and make global communication more assertive. First launched in 2008, it has already undergone major transformations and updates.

Currently, Google continues to invest in research to improve the system by increasingly integrating its products and services with mobile phones.

9. Maps

Google Maps is one of Google's best apps.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

Our view of the world around us has changed a lot over the years, hasn’t it? In the past, it was necessary to use printed maps and even a phone book to find out where to go somewhere.

Now with a simple touch, Google Maps offers the exact location to reach your destination, It also provides information about possible means of transportation and travel times by car, public transport and on foot. You can evaluate places through the application and find out what the menu is in restaurants most of the time.

8. Photos

With Google Photos, users get enough storage space to store their images.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

Have you ever thought that you lost all your photos stored on your computer or mobile phone? This fear is eliminated as Google Photos constantly syncs your device. Integrated into Google’s public systems, the cloud storage platform can save a backup copy of your images, whether videos or photos.

Best of all, you can organize by albums or leave everything on the timeline. Users can also perform indexed searches for saved images from the search bar, making everything more dynamic and easy.

7. Analytics

Thanks to Analytics, it is possible to analyze many important data at the same time and from one place.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

This Google platform is especially useful for companies working in marketing. Analytics provides highly accurate data about websites, blogs, and social networks. Your charts are fed daily from recorded information and many details are presented at a glance.

For example, it is possible to know how many hits your website or blog receives in certain periods, to discover the biggest source of interaction through Instagram or Facebook, and to produce reports that can help with new strategies.

6. Documents

You can share your files from Google Docs with anyone you want via link.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

Who ever had a problem with not having a text editor installed on their computer? With the advent of Google Docs, this problem has almost disappeared because all you need to start a new document is internet access.

Best of all, the file in question stored on Google Drive can be shared with anyone via link. The same person will be able to open the document in a browser, comment, make edits, and even make suggestions.

All changes are still stored in the cloud and files do not need to be re-uploaded. There is also the possibility to export the document in various formats, including PDF.

5. Driving

Google Drive offers storage and device syncing.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

And speaking of Google Drive, here it is, one of Google’s best products. Cloud storage system integrates with Google Docs and Google PhotosIn addition to other services of the same company.

Here users can create shared folders, save documents and media, as well as manage everything in a very practical and simple way. Right now, anyone can save Drive to their computer and use it even offline, with access to the internet, and everything can be synced in the blink of an eye.


Many people watch videos on YouTube frequently.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

Although not created by Google, YouTube is now the largest streaming service in the world, with countless channels and hours of content. In addition, in recent years, original productions that can compete with market giants have been developed.

With the advent of YouTube Shorts, many people have been able to follow their favorite creators in a new video distribution format.


Google's main browser has gone through numerous transformations over the years.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

As it becomes clear when you examine this list, Google has many products and services on different fronts. Therefore, considering the technology and internet market, it would be difficult for the company not to have its own browser, right?

Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world, mainly due to device syncing. If you just have a Google account, everything will work seamlessly on countless devices, wherever you are.


Gmail allows users to integrate various Google services.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

And speaking of a Google account, when you create one, you already have access to a very impressive email provider that can be used to receive or send messages, store documents and much more. Gmail has features that many people use frequently in their daily lives.

In your segment, companies can also create corporate accounts for their employeesuses all available resources, including Google Meet, for virtual meetings.

1. Search engine

You've probably done some research on Google's search engine.  (GettyImages/Reproduction)

Finally, we need to talk about perhaps Google’s biggest product: the search engine that gave the company its name. This search engine, which is used as a standard in many browsers, has many organizations and indexing and is used as a parameter in different contexts.

After all, who hasn’t found themselves saying “Google it” or “Google it” at some point, right?

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