Microsoft, instead of focusing on its difficulties and its electrical data centers, is considering the possibility of obtaining nuclear power sources in them. This giant could not resist in the poor modular SMR reactors. This is a new low-density reactor that is compact and easy to use. In fact, these SMR reactors were installed at the prototype stage, making the company the most important enterprise in the energy sector.

Could not use the service in my free time for nuclear support technologies Microsoft has begun work in this direction. Applicable to a company specializing in technical knowledge. What is the importance of modern technology? Remember to apply practical work on energy and energy engineering. This applies to technological standards and regulatory processes. Under his leadership, a roadmap will be formed and long-term relationships with suppliers will be built.

Compact modular reactors are divided into individual components by 19 states. In fact, this is still known. Former Microsoft executive Bill Gates is involved in nuclear technology development and also supplies modular reactors through his company TerraPower. Not long ago, Microsoft signed the entire “nuclear” contract. Helion Energy is expected to publish information about the technology 5 days ago. device.

Source: Tech Cult

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