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What to do if TikTok is not working for you


When an app that many of us use doesn’t work, it’s always annoying, but if we’re talking about an app that serves us for entertainment, as is the case with TikTok, it seems to be even more annoying.

Perhaps we came up with a really good video to record, and now we can’t download it because the app doesn’t work. It could also be that we just use it to watch videos that others post and hang out with no success because it doesn’t work.

When we have a problem with the fact that an application that we really like, how can it be tik tak, does not workwe can always perform certain tasks to try and bring it back to full performance again.

None of the tips we’re about to give you are hard to follow and they can’t guarantee the app will miraculously come back to life, but at some point they do. if the error comes from us And don’t be too serious, with these solutions we will be able to see videos posted on TikTok again.

Solutions if TikTok is not working:

  • Internet connection
  • restart application
  • restart smartphone
  • Check for possible updates
  • Clear app data
  • Know if it fell for everyone

Internet connection

The first thing we need to check is we have internet connection and there are no problems in this regard.

We must not only see if we have any available network, but also know if the signal we receive is receiving enough strength I would like to be able to open apps like TikTok that need a good network since it’s all video.

It may also be that we have some kind of problem with our connection speed, whether we use Wi-Fi at home or it is mobile data that our smartphone sends.

To verify this, the best thing to do is to pass a speed test, either with an application that we can download from the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or with our own web page like this speed test.

Another thing to check is our mobile data connection is workingbecause if we do not use WiFi, we will be completely dependent on it.

If we only have coverage but do not see that we have internet access, we can restart the mobile and check it again to call the company that provides us with phone services if we continue with the same problem.

restart application

Another solution we have is restart application just in case there was some error while executing it.

We must not only close it, but also check that it is not in the background, as this means that we have not closed it completely.

If we have already made sure that it is closed and not in the background, we launch it again, see if we have already solved the problem with this.


restart smartphone

What we have seen before may be in line with what we are going to do now.

In other words, if we restarted the app correctly but it still doesn’t work, the best thing to do is close it completely again, making sure it doesn’t stay in the background, and then do another resetbut this time out smartphone in full.

As soon as the mobile phone is activated again, we will start TikTok again to make sure that what we just did has already solved our problem.

Check for possible updates

In the event that everything remains the same and TikTok does not work for us, we will have to look for new app updatesas this may be a bug discovered by the application developers themselves, which no longer occurs in the new version.

To do this, we will do the same thing that we always do in Android to update the app, i.e. we go to google play storePress on menu buttonthen go inside App and device managementchoosing available updates.

At this time we will see if we have any updates that we can install on our smartphone.

Clear app data

Since all of the above didn’t work, the next step is one of the ones that most often resolves any issues with many apps, not just TikTok.

What we are going to do is clear app datathat is, we will clear the cache.

If we fail when it comes to video, but we manage to get into our Profilewhat we have to do is click on 3 line icon which is in the upper right corner.

Now what we are going to do is click on Settings and privacyto scroll down and click free space. Once inside, we’re going to push the button delete button what in to the right of where it says Cache.

If we can’t get on TikTok, we’ll have to go to Settings smartphone, and then enter Applications and inside search on tiktok. Once we have found it, we immediately move on to storage and click where it says clear cacheas well as.

Know if it fell for everyone


If this still doesn’t work for us, we should just, a little as a consolation, find out if an app has been removed for everyonesomething to let us know that there really is nothing we can do until the developers of the app itself fix the problem.

To do this, we can visit the DownDetector web page where we will have all the volumetric data last 24 hours about problems that have been found in the main applications that we all use.

If we see that TikTok is one of the affected, it might help us follow the progress and know when be back in working order.

You now have all the information you need to try and fix one of our favorite apps like TikTok not working.

Source: Computer Hoy

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