Griffin University experts analyzed the book and episodes of cats interacting with seawater and came to an interesting conclusion. Cellular cytogenetics is an extremely versatile subject, but was previously considered the basis of play and social behavior. Now scientists believe that in this way whales take care of their hygiene.

Such a creature is a large surface of the body, since it is located on the skin and drips parasites, microbes, mollusks and other organisms into it. This not only interferes with the whale’s movement, but can also cause malfunctions. The poet on the floors is drenched in water with stones that are poorly polished or dirty, clumsily thrown away from the debris accumulated on the skin. In addition, their epidermal cells.

The number of children in the world in cold Antarctica is unknown. The most important thing is that they are active enough to enjoy their bodies of water – for this they specifically look for drifting accumulations of sea plants and splash in them, “scooping up” and throwing them on their backs. Even if you want to spend time at home.

The greatest attention is paid to cleaning themselves by adult individuals, which is due to the fact that there are many parasites. They are very fast, this also applies to contact with the phone, they are water-repellent and are used for their antibacterial properties. The fact is that many of these children prefer fat cats, not their models. Origin of sea giants in their regions planets.

Source: Tech Cult

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