Apple announced a new version of macOS called Ventura at its WWDC developer conference on Monday. The new operating system focuses on multitasking and collaboration.

Apple tries to keep order on your screen with macOS Ventura. If you have a lot of open windows, you will quickly lose the overview. Apple wants to solve this problem by placing open windows on the left side of the screen to better rank them. Thanks to the small icons, you can see which applications you have open and easily switch between various programs.

In the new operating system, Spotlight is getting a major update that makes it easier to search not only apps but also images both on the web and locally on your Mac. You can even search for text in photos thanks to Live Text.

Safari and Mail application renewed

Apple is also addressing the Mail app. An interesting feature is the option to cancel emails a few minutes after sending them. You can also schedule emails and receive reminders if you haven’t replied to certain messages yet. Such functionality has been available for some time in competing mail apps like Gmail.

The search functionality in Apple’s Mail app has also been overhauled, making it easier to search for links or documents in emails.

The Safari update shows that macOS Ventura is all about collaboration. For example, you can share tabs in the browser with your friends, family or colleagues. If you go on vacation with friends, you can immediately share all the relevant web pages with each other. You can even see which tabs your friends are currently viewing in the browser. A new window in Safari makes it easy to communicate with friends.

MacOS Ventura will be available in the fall.

Source: Computer Totaal

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