Google is expected to release Android 14 next Wednesday (4). According to data from Canadian phone operator Telus, the latest version of the operating system can be offered with Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro mobile phones.

The new version of Android comes with significant new features that will increase the usability and customization of the device. Various features have already been seen in the testing phase.

Name of the new version of the operating system “Upside Down Cake” is a possible reference to the dessert name. Android 14 is expected to bring optimizations, improvements and new features. Check out the update’s highlights below.

Customizable lock screen

Google took inspiration from Apple’s iOS and made Android 14’s lock screen even more customizable. The offering is similar to that found in Samsung One UI and allows you to change the visual style and usability of the section.

Possible Change the background, clock style, screen colors, add shortcuts and other important features directly from the region. This feature eliminates the need to unlock your mobile phone to access important features.

wallpaper creator

Android 14 has a wallpaper creation tool that uses emojis. The tool allows you to create a completely personalized background filled with Emoji Kitchen stickers.

More privacy when entering passwords

PIN filling is more private on the Android 14 lock screen. Now users can choose to hide password digits and prevent bystanders from being able to decipher the password.

More versatility

Google continues to invest in different device formats and in Android 14 is making the system even more suitable for larger screens (e.g. foldable devices and tablets).

Access limit for image galleries

In Android 14, the user no longer needs to access the entire photo gallery of an app. Instead, the system is now allows you to select a set of files that should only be shared with the program.

Dynamic fonts

The way Android 14 handles fonts allows non-linear font scaling up to 200% in supported apps. The function allows andview text in larger sizebut without breaking the program’s interface in the process.

User preferences

Android 14 will also be able to show some features according to the user’s preferences. Data such as date, metric system, calendar order can be changed according to the defined location.

Battery improvements

Google also needs to add some features that provide a slight battery life to devices with Android 14. Nothing too radical, just some more subtle changes.

When will Android 14 come to your phone?

Android 14 as always Google’s Pixel line comes first for phones. It takes some time for partner companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi to release their own versions of the system.

Source: Tec Mundo

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