TikTok, the social media platform owned by ByteDance, is experimenting with a new monthly subscription plan. This will allow users to enjoy the ‘app’s’ content ad-free and will cost around $4.99 per month.

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Advertising has been one of TikTok’s main sources of revenue, but the platform is exploring the possibility of offering ads, joining the trend of other social networks such as Twitter (formerly Twitter Blue, now with X Premium) and Snapchat (with Snapchat+). ad-free subscription.

Analyzing the internal code of the latest version of TikTok, Android Authority discovered that the platform is testing a subscription option that will eliminate ads for users. According to this exclusive media, its price will be $4.99 per month.

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In response to this news, TikTok confirmed: TechCrunch Those who try this ad-free subscription plan, initially with a small group of users in an English-speaking market outside the United States.

In addition to this initiative, the platform also provides monetization tools to support content creators on its platform. These include the Creator Creativity Program and TikTok Live subscription, which allows users to subscribe to their favorite creators and access exclusive benefits like chat designed for subscribers.

The popular social media platform is running tests to allow users to perform Google searches directly from its app. This new feature is based on an external link opened in a built-in browser.

Tests that are triggered when users enter keywords in the app’s search bar are currently ongoing.

Instead of showing internal results, TikTok offers a direct link to the Google search engine. Clicking this opens a browser within the app and displays search results provided by the Chrome search engine.

More importantly, TikTok includes a disclaimer that it is not responsible for the search results served by Google through this feature.

A spokesperson for the app confirmed to ‘Business Insider’ that they are running these tests globally and in various markets as part of their efforts to integrate third-party services into the platform. Among these is the Google search engine.

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