The most popular Apple developers based on the startup Humane are working on something new: My device can be used for Ai Pin. The preview of the prototype was based on the footage below from the In Paris fashion, but the highlight is seeing superdressed Naomi Kempell in it.

One of the co-founders of Humane, former iPhone user interface developer Imran Chaudhuri, told us about one of the most powerful features of Ai Ping. Ai Pin ensures autonomy and cannot be built without a non-ABS keyboard. Its design is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, including the camera and speakers, just like the phone itself. Main Function of Ai Pin is optical object recognition using AI.

Ai Ping

Here is my presentation I. Chaudhuri also demonstrated several other functions of the gadget – in particular, answering calls, broadcasting images from a mini-projector in English, English and French, and presenting the proposed news. Of course, this is not true since it is built without a smartphone plugin.

Since they have been associated with the company, the Ai Pin product launch will take place on November 9th.

Source: Tech Cult

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