iOS 17 introduces a convenient “Standby” tethered watch mode. It turns on when charging in a horizontal position, but on an iPhone without an Always On screen it turns off after 10 seconds. Activate the need to touch the screen or knock on the nightstand.

But there is a non-obvious way around the restrictions. We will use the command, so I warn you:

❗️ Use the guidelines below to determine your fear and risk.

iPhone without an always active screen, any models except iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are not technically suitable for continuous operation of monitors. Passenger burnout is a real problem.

The operating algorithm also switches the woman’s energy saving mode for 20 seconds. The consequences of such a process for the chip have not been studied.

I hope you have read the warning, now you can play with the chip.

How to Enable Always-On Display on iPhone Without This Feature

1. Download and install the Always On For Broken People command. To open the link, click the Collapse Command > Open > Add button.

2. In the “Teams” application, carefully select the “Automation” tab.

3. Click “+” at the bottom at the top of the bottom bar, enter “Charge” in the search and click “Charger”.

4. Make sure that only “Connects” is checked, “Start immediately” is selected and Off Toggle switch to “Notify about launch”.

5. Click Next and select the “Always in touch for broke people” command.

6. When you first start, you can decide for yourself whether you need network notifications or not.


The good thing about this command is that the screen will not go dark only when connected to power in the “Standby” mode. If you unplug from the outlet and put your smartphone on the back to charge, it will stop. Notifications are also shown to you about this.

Considering the risks, the maximum I recommend using the command for is during work, when you sit down at an hour or two and want to see a large clock with notifications in front of your eyes.

Well, or if you have an extra smartphone lying around that is not suitable for anything else except in standby mode. Let me remind you that the feature is available on all iPhones with iOS 17; it is available on iPhone XR, iPhone XS and newer.

Topic: I upgraded the new “Standby” mode on my iPhone, and now I’ll use it during the day. Here are the instructions

Source: Iphones RU

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