OpenAI, which develops ChatGPT, is exploring the possibility of creating full-fledged artificial intelligence chips.

Thus, the company wants to solve the problem of the shortage of expensive processors for AI training, as well as save on their purchase.

In addition to producing original chips, OpenAI may partner with other manufacturers to create chips or use products from suppliers other than Nvidia and AMD.

OpenAI is also significantly ahead of the purchase of one of the processor manufacturers. But which company was in question was not specified.

Using ChatGPT is very expensive for OpenAI. Each request costs approximately 4 cents, and the number is growing every day. As a result, companies are constantly faced with the need to regulate their infrastructure.

In 2020, OpenAI is developing ChatGPT on a Microsoft supercomputer consisting of 10 thousand Nvidia video cards. In addition, OpenAI uses AMD chips and Nvidia graphics on its servers.

Experts note that developing a processor independently or in partnership with another company takes several years. AMD and Nvidia solutions rely on OpenAI technologies. [Reuters]

Source: Iphones RU

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