Apple has applied for a patent for a wearable microspeaker in the form of a communicator. It is expected to be placed on the necklace; With its help it will be possible to talk on the phone and listen to music through directed sound waves.

Apple has applied for a patent for microdynamics for clothing

The United States Patent Office accepted Apple’s application to register the new product. This is an IoT microspeaker that can be attached to clothing, as described in the application.

According to information in the application, the announcer will perform the tasks of a communicator. With it you can talk on the phone and listen to music. In this case, the sound will propagate in directed waves, making it barely audible to people around you.

The speaker’s location, as judged by the app’s data, is indicated on the collar of the garment. However, the application involves placing it on any part of the clothing.

Apple is one of the world leaders in the number of patents. Recently, the company patented a touchscreen headphone case, as well as technology to control all smart home devices with a single hand movement.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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