The reason for this change was concerns about the model’s survivability on future battlefields, which became evident during the conflict in Ukraine.

A study by the US Army Research Council recommends a shift to new smaller tanks and unmanned vehicles to dominate the projected battlefields of the 2040s.

The report shows that tanks and armored vehicles of the future will face new threats from advanced anti-tank weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles and AI-enabled capabilities.

In the future, the M1 Abrams tank will lose its dominant role on the battlefield. Additionally, the US military is concerned about supporting its forces in a future conflict with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The current M1 Abrams tank requires extensive logistical support, including large stocks of JP-8 jet fuel and a constant supply of spare parts.

In light of these developments, the United States is considering creating a new tank based on the M1, but with improved performance and that can be quickly upgraded.

Source: Ferra

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