What’s popular in the New York Times, according to the latest NAS research, However, they are expected to last on the Moon until 2040. For this reason, there is no need to provide building materials, since local lunar soil will be used to produce concrete, and the houses themselves will be printed by a printer delivered to the Moon.

These are spaceships and some of the most important things, such as Ust and not very far away, but the future, then a construction 3D printer manufactured for NASA by ICON is already a reality. What’s more, he helped an Austin, Texas-based construction company demolish several dirty, filthy homes in Mexico. Don’t worry about one or two of these things.

The most important part of the publication is to adapt it to the conditions of the Moon and Mars, and more precisely, to work in conditions of vacuum and high radiation. NASA is also improving lunar concrete so that it can withstand temperatures of about 2000 °C, and structures made from it are protected from micrometeorites and extreme temperature fluctuations.

The creation of the building’s internal elements – doors, finishing components and furniture – was commissioned by NASA general and private companies. Landing sites on the surface of the Moon are also being built. I use a 3D printer.

NASA plans to launch the Artemis 2 mission in 2024 (a flyby of the Moon) and land astronauts in 2025 and 2026, which will be closer to the end of space. SpaceX was working on Artemis 3 rockets.

Source: Tech Cult

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