The company “Kaspersky Lab” has ceased to participate in a project to create a smartphone intended for military and Russian special services. This is an “Aquarius” pocket personal computer (Aquarius NS M11).

“Kaspersky Lab” withdrew from the project to create a smartphone for the military

"We do not cooperate with the Aquarius group," Viktor Ivanovsky, head of the business development group at the KasperskyOS division, told Vedomosti. According to him, the development and use of the operational network in Kaspersky Lab is now being developed as part of a research project "on professional mobile devices."

Currently, the corporate and industrial business segments are the priority target segment for possible application, Ivanovsky said.

The smartphone was supposed to work on various operating systems, according to an Aquarius press release about the device's launch. The company also presented the Aquarius NS M11 model based on Kaspersky Lab's KasperskyOS operating system.

In December last year, Aquarius presented a smartphone on another domestic operating system - Aurora, which is now being developed by Rostelecom, as well as a version on Android 9.0.


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Source: RB

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