Scientists from the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNIPU) have developed a way to prevent the destruction of aircraft engines and other aircraft due to resonance oscillations. This innovation could significantly improve aviation safety.

Experts of Perm Polytechnic University, together with employees of the Mashinostroitel plant, conducted a study aimed at understanding the influence of the properties of a sound-absorbing structure on its natural frequencies. This allows you to predict possible resonance occurrence and prevent it before it causes engine damage.

Resonance is a phenomenon where the vibration frequencies of a part coincide with external factors, which can increase the amplitude of the vibrations and cause serious damage. The research focused on the aircraft engine fan panel; The researchers studied the properties of the panel and the effect of various parameters on the natural frequency spectrum. The results obtained will help improve aircraft engine designs and increase their reliability.

Source: Ferra

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