Yandex National neural network YandexART, which can create images and animation based on text descriptions. This was reported by a representative of the company

YandexART replaces the previous neural network, which was integrated into the Masterpiece application. The new neuron creates more realistic and detailed graphics. According to Yandex, it produces results that are 60% better than the old ones.

In addition, YandexART understands the code of Russian culture – it knows the best places and cities of the countries, outstanding personalities of different eras, cartoon and fairy tale characters.


For training, YandexART used 330 million pictures with text descriptions.

YandexART already works in Masterpiece, as well as when creating advertisements in Yandex Business. Soon it will appear in Yandex Keyboard. The neural network will be able to create a picture and set it as the background.

Source: Iphones RU

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