With the launch of MAX, Adobe added one of its most important concepts – Project Primrose technology. Based on analogues of dynamic materials, the view was visited. These types of materials are intended for use on the surface in reality.

The presentation of the new product was already on the plate in the kitchen. In this scene, he featured Kirsten Dirk’s team of futuristic material designers. The design consists of bases on which small plates are fixed, parameters of reflection and light scattering that can be adjusted. This allows you to use Adobe’s dark and light programs, highlighting various light patterns, such as if it were a canvas of a lamp or simple displays.

The material does not work without the highest quality, so it does not make any sense, this is the basis of minimizing energy consumption. The number of available solutions is also limited. This is how the material can be used on a makeshift screen – for example, to display simple animation. This is the reason for the premiere in interior design, because objects and decorations are clearly visible among the masks.

Source: Tech Cult

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