Russian document recognition system developer Smart Engines presented AI-based technology for banking applications, allowing payments via QR, phone number and card number in a single flow. A representative of the company told RB.RU.

Smart Engines introduced Universal Pay technology to recognize payment documents

The neural network built into the Smart Code Engine 2.2 program was taught to independently determine what is shown to it. It can be a QR code or a written phone or card number.

Previously, VTB Bank introduced a similar service from Smart Engines, thanks to which the camera in the bank’s application can recognize a barcode or a bank card, even if there is no QR code on the document.

Smart Engines has improved the technology, which now includes a universal payment mode. The system recognizes the data and then starts the required payment script. The information is entered into the payment form automatically.

“Where previously a person had to enter data manually, we have now made automatic recognition possible. And now, thanks to the Universal Pay mode, the user does not need to think about what exactly he wants to recognize. Our AI does this instead,” explains the CEO of Smart Engines, doctor of technical sciences and associate professor. Vladimir Arlazarov.

Previously, Smart Engines launched a technology to verify the authenticity of passports of Russians and citizens of neighboring countries.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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