Map services are becoming increasingly popular, not only for drivers, but also for people who often travel by public transport, bicycle or even on foot. Two well-known names in this scenario are Google Maps and Apple Maps.

One was created by Gigante das Buscas and has a longer orbit. The other, with the permission of Maça, is a shorter walk but gains ground among the public.

So the question that remains in the air is this: Which one is best and capable of meeting your needs? We will talk about exactly this in the following lines.

Which is the best navigation app: Google Maps or Apple Maps?

To answer this question, we will analyze each of the services in separate areas and indicate which one performs best in each aspect in that specific aspect. Check it out below:

1. Availability

Let’s start by analyzing the usability of each of the two services. Starting with Apple Maps, we face A special offer for those who own Apple devicesThis limits its reach somewhat.

On the other hand, Google Maps can be accessed from any device, including those produced by Maça. Another important point is that the Google account synchronizes data from all the company’s applications, regardless of device, including your previously plotted routes and travel history.

2. Interface

When talking about the use of visual resources for navigation, a map is expected to be visually pleasing and, above all, easy to use in terms of all the resources available to users.

Starting with Google Maps, its interface is quite slick, but it suffers a bit from a few buttons and a toolbar appearing at the top of the screen, which hinders the viewing area a bit. Of course, all of this disappears when you touch the middle of the screen, but it’s still something that creates visual clutter.

Apple Maps, on the other hand, offers a more simplified view, with nothing significantly overlapping the map. Another point is that Maça’s service offers most of its most important functions in small buttons, and even the search bar, which has many options, can quickly disappear when the X button is pressed.

Maps with clean interfaces are important to aid navigation.

3. Navigation

Navigation is important in every mapping service, and this is where both Google Maps and Apple Maps perform well. Whichever you choose, both will be able to guide you to your destination seamlessly.

Both services provide information such as the current status of the route, road closures (if any) and even deviations from the route, with faster recommendations in case of traffic. But Google’s service has the advantage of letting you add a few stops to your route in advance.

4. Privacy

Privacy is an important issue for many people today, especially in the way companies deal with information provided by users. The issue is extremely important as map services include frequently used common routes.

Starting with Apple, Apple Maps has the advantage of using a system called “fuzzing” that can mask where you’re moving by sending requests with multiple indicators rather than a route from point X to point Y. An additional detail is that it converts your location to a less precise method after 24 hours, and Apple itself does not store such data.

On the other hand, Google Maps stores all your travel information, including suggesting more personalized ads, which may annoy some users.

Who’s the winner: Google Maps or Apple Maps?

Both Spade and Gigante das Buscas services aid navigation when traveling by car or using public transportation.

For this reason, The best of these will depend on what you wantFor example, Google Maps offers many more features in exchange for sharing information, while Apple Maps has a cleaner look but fewer additional options.

The decision between Google Maps and Apple Maps will depend on how you want to use the map service.

Which service is used most?

Due to its breadth and availability, Google Maps is becoming a much more used service than Apple Maps. Without a system lock, the navigation of Gigante das Buscas can be accessed from any device, whether a smartphone or a computer with Windows, Mac or Linux.

Does Apple Maps belong to Google?

Apple Maps is a service created, maintained and updated entirely by Apple. In this way, the navigation application has no connection with the Gigante das Buscas system, and the company created by Steve Jobs himself keeps the images and systems used in its maps.

So which service is better for you? Share your opinion with other readers TecMundHE We use our social networks!

Source: Tec Mundo

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