This fall the project “Generation V”, which is a spin-off of the popular series “The Boys”.

We decided to take our time with the assessment and waited almost the entire season for the release. The series is released weekly on Amazon Prime, with 6 out of 8 episodes published so far.

It’s time to evaluate a new project about difficult young superheroes. Is it worth watching a separate story from the world of The Boys? Let’s share our impressions.

A promising start to the story, but nothing more

What is the series about?: Set in a unique college for superhero students, controlled by Vought International. Young heroes, full of hormones and superpowers, constantly test their physical and moral limitations, constantly competing with each other.

The first scenes of the series promise drama, intrigue, maybe even a little philosophy about what it means to be a hero in our complex world. However, as soon as our “super” students cross the threshold of the school, everything between them turns into a strange symbiosis. reality show of teenage and bloody senseless bacchanalia with an abundance of extremely crazy scenes.

The main character, Marie Moreau, uses technology to control her own blood and uses it as a weapon. This already raises many questions. Her story arc is so profitable that it seems like the writers decided not to bother with originality.

Other characters in general do not shine with novelty. Their abilities, while visually appealing, have little impact other than as background effects for plot twists and vulgar scenes.

For example, there is Emma shrinking by a few degrees. The way her superpower is used, in the first episode, could only make the most badass pervert.

The show tries to take on the success of The Boys at any moment, but in the morning it gives away its identity by simply confessing to the shadows of the original game. We’ve seen it all before and done it much better. Funnier and more creative.

Additionally, the series shows a stark contrast in acting compared to the official show. “The Boys” was renowned for its cast, which had a charismatic reserve of performance actors who obviously held your attention throughout the entire episode. CHARISMA literally poured from the screen. But We don’t see anything like this in the new series.

Compared to the depth and power that the original cast shows in their characters, their young counterparts are detached and unconvincing.

The plot is banal, the motivations of the characters are ambiguous

Conflicts are the only ones that are artificially created, and solutions are just made up. The problem was not only the pacing, but also the lack of consistency and intelligence in the characters’ behavior.

Plot lines change quickly, characters are unimaginably revealed to the viewer, and their dilemmas and suffering are felt no more deeply than the last post on their profile.

Instead of giving us characters with layered personalities and structural differences in conflict, we see cookie-cutter teenagers whose superpowers are nothing more than a way to gain virtual approval.

So, for example, the main character, who began her journey as an example of kindness and naivety, unexpectedly and inexplicably turns into an arrogant, cynical creature.

Satire aimed at social media and powerful corporations often seems forced and completely sincere. Instead, to present the viewer with a new perspective on the problems of modern society, Generation V. drowns in his own sarcasm and lack of originality.

The writers may have used smartphones and social media as a means to explore youth identity or critique corporate culture, but the show simply shows characters constantly scrolling through social media feeds. No further analysis or meaningful criticism. Only the fixation of heroes among subscribers and the constant ridicule of this problem.

Disappointment on all fronts

The series not only provides a chance to add something innovative to the genre, but also devalues ​​the very origin of the superhero legacy, turning it into a bloody clowning act without weight or originality. But with vulgarity and agenda.

Generation V is off to a promising start, showcasing cool special effects and an intriguing premise for a superhero school. A detective plot promises to be a plus for the viewer. But soon everything falls apart, the series literally betrays all its potential with a chaotic plot and unconvincing strange character development.

“Generation V” focuses on violence and social media addiction, missing the sunny qualities and moral questions important to superhero stories.

There are two episodes left, but they are unlikely to change the attitude towards the series. He’s frankly passable. We are waiting for the continuation of the original story.

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