Sanae Oriama, a researcher at Hiroshima University, has proven the importance of optimal strategies for future shifts. However, the name of the doctor is unknown in Japan. Apparently it is used in two cases and for very short periods, but not for this purpose, as it is better to manage this time.

Two things are not needed for half a century, and they are not needed. The only task is to give the nurse’s body a break so that it can relieve tension and be attentive and comprehensive for further work. It usually opens at 4:00 pm and closes at 9:00 am, night or night.

In her research, Oriyama found that monophonic sleep of 120 minutes was less effective than separate sleep. Experimentally, I came to the conclusion that it manifests itself if the combination lasts 90 minutes and lasts 30 minutes at 3:00. This results in long distances and concentration if neglected.

Unfortunately, these studies lack reliability. In this case, there is no need to work with the teaching methods in question. Experiments were carried out in two-voltage laboratories in US laboratories. to the medical staff.

Source: Tech Cult

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