Many years ago, in a foreign Apple Store, I watched as a consultant glued protective glass onto a recently purchased iPhone. I clearly remembered that the process looked completely different from how many people imagined it.

The iPhone was placed in a cast metal mold with a clever glass surface. A couple of moves, smoothing out the “bubbles” – and the client left with a perfectly evenly glued handle.

In October, COMMO, a Yandex Market brand, began selling a similar gluing system. Included with the COMMO iPhone protective glass is a special disposable form for a specific iPhone model. She participates in the process and allows you to achieve the same results that I saw in the Apple store, but at home.

Naturally, we couldn’t pass by. We tested this glass on our iPhone 15 Pro, we report.

The COMMO glass kit comes with everything you need.

A decent-sized box contained a plastic mold with glass already inserted inside, mini microfiber, a damp cloth, a cardboard spatula for smoothing and a sticker for removing dust.

The shape of the iPhone corresponds to the size of the model for which you bought the glass. I’m not sure if it can be reused, so I’ll call it disposable.

On the inside there is a design and step-by-step instructions. I would even say, repair the structure. It may cause uncertainty among those who doubt their capabilities or have already had the sad experience of gluing conventional protective glass.

So keep the box nearby. There are also pictures if anything in the text is unclear. In fact, the process is very simple, it’s just that Yandex clearly decided to go overboard with the instructions.

How to glue COMMO glass on iPhone

1. Open the plastic key and remove all accessories, cleaning kit and spatula.

2. Turn off your smartphone and remove the case: this way it will fit tightly into the frame, and leaving the screen on will better store dust particles.

3. Place your smartphone in a colored frame.

4. Unpack the cleaning kit and wipe the smartphone screen with an alcohol wipe to degrease it.

5. Wipe the surface of the smartphone dry with microfiber. Try not to touch the screen with your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints.

6. Remove dust particles from your smartphone screen with an adhesive sticker. Make sure the screen is perfect.

7. Make sure that the glass on top of the plastic case is properly seated in the guide grooves of the applicator cover. On the left side there are short grooves, on the right side there are long and two.

8. Pull the colored part of the film out to the dotted line so that the line is flush with the edge of the lid. Close the lid tightly.

9. Pull the remaining outer part of the film so that the glass sticks to the smartphone screen.

10. Without opening the lid, move the mouse in the direction indicated on the sticker – approximately up.

Wait 20 seconds until the glue spreads over the surface of the smartphone.

eleven. Open the applicator cover and pull the top of the film to remove it from the protective glass.

12. If there are dust particles left under the glass, you can remove them with a sticker, and air bubbles can be smoothed out with a spatula.

How was it

Thanks to super detailed instructions, we got it right the first time. They specifically asked a person to do everything who had never glued a glass belt before.

The glass fits perfectly on the iPhone 15 Pro display. At the same time, I saw reviews on the Market where they complained that even the form did not help to stick everything evenly. Some people got it crooked, while others write that there were “bubbles” left on the edges.

We did not have such problems, but this, of course, does not guarantee that you will not have them. Perhaps not everyone followed the most super-detailed instructions. Or marriage opens up for someone.

One way or another, there is nothing to complain about. Fits perfectly, does not affect the photo, does not spoil the appearance in any way, the finger glides well (there is an oleophobic coating).

Bottom line: great idea, albeit overrated

Yes, it is twice as expensive as similar glass on AliExpress without a frame shape. The result, IMHO, is worth it if you snag a good discount.

The cost of COMMO iPhone screen protectors is constantly changing and depends on the weather, the position of the planet, algorithms and the model of your iPhone. At the time of writing this text, the glass we tested for the iPhone 15 Pro costs 1,814 rubles. A little expensive.

At the same time, the same glass for other models iPhone 15, iPhone 14 and further down the list, for some reason, can cost 2 times less. For example, 858 rubles for iPhone 15 or 772 rubles for iPhone 13 mini.

In general, it’s better to go to the COMMO section page and see for yourself. If the price doesn’t suit you, throw it in Favorites and wait for relief.

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