Hollywood actors go on strike is entering a crucial phase with the announcement of renewed negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The union representing artists said that tomorrow, Tuesday 24th, dialogue with the companies will resume in search of a new pact that will end the conflict, which has already lasted 102 days.

It is currently unknown what proposals both sides will bring to the table to try to put an end to this issue. Clearly, there is great anticipation about the possibility that the next few hours will be critical to unleashing the measure of power that is paralyzing much of the entertainment industry.

On its X (Twitter) account, SAG-AFTRA called on Hollywood’s brightest actors to remain strong and isolate themselves from any information that may become known unofficially. “Don’t believe anything you hear until it comes from us.” indicated through a statement.

According to the trade union, Film and television studios have asked to resume negotiations.. Something astonishing, considering that it was the AMPTP companies that left the negotiating table a couple of weeks ago.

Hollywood actors’ strike demands resolution


IN preliminary statementThe SAG-AFTRA release, also published Saturday, said Tuesday’s talks will include “several executives from AMPTP member companies.” It is not yet known which directors will be discussed, but it is possible that new faces will appear who will try to unpack the conflict and find a solution to the strike of Hollywood actors.

It is important to note that, in principle, representatives of film and television studios were Bob Iger (Disney) David Zaslav (Warner Bros. Discovery) Donna Langley (NBC Universal) and Ted Sarandos (Netflix). As for the artists, it is a fact that they will be at the forefront. Fran Drescher And Duncan Crabtree-Irelandpresident and chief negotiator of SAG-AFTRA, respectively.

The Hollywood actors’ strike marked its 100th day last Saturday. Although the union has shown strength from the start, some internal cracks have recently begun to show. Moreover, AMPTP refused to negotiate, accusing the union of slowing down the dialogue with an economically unsustainable demand.

In fact, last week it was reported that several “A-list” actors – that is, big stars – have begun pressuring SAG-AFTRA to reach an agreement with the studios and end the strike that is paralyzing Hollywood. George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone And Ben Affleck, among others, presented a proposal to end the conflict. However, the union ruled this out.

Proposal from Clooney and other actors

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As explained Diversity, the artists’ initiative did not quite correctly respond to the trade union’s claims. They proposed lifting the cap on annual membership dues paid to SAG-AFTRA and changing the residual scheme to pay actors who make the least amount of money first. However, none of these points really corresponded to the proposal for a new contract with film and television studios.

A critical element of the Hollywood actors’ strike is demand for new fund for balances corresponding to flow production. SAG-AFTRA wants $500 million per year and says it would cost companies just 57 cents per subscriber per year. AMPTP says the cost of the claim would actually be $800 million a year and that it would be unsustainable.

With a return to the negotiating table, this week could bring important news. Let’s see if the Hollywood actors’ strike ends or if it continues. If the second happens, the consequences could be noticed immediately. For now, everyone is looking at the calendar, because if the measure of force continues, it will be impossible to resume filming of films and TV series that were scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2024.

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