What many have been waiting for has happened: Oktoberfest More=cheaper are saved!

The largest platform where anything and everything is sold has relaunched an event of unprecedented generosity. Benefits everyone.

Popular products can once again be purchased at significantly lower prices than usual. Discounts are available for purchases over 3,000 rubles.

Any products with the tag are accepted for the promotion More=cheaper.

We also launched a preliminary page for products participating in the promotion, the content of which depends on the interests of a particular user.

▶︎ Buy products on AliExpress with a discount

How the promotion works More=cheaper

There are a lot of products that take part in the promotion.

What is the essence of the shares that are preserved? Again you can get a discount of 300 rubles for spent 3000 rubles.

In this case, as before, we are talking only about colors marked with the label More=cheaper.

Any items can be purchased from any sellers who take part in the promotion. But it is important to understand that the total amounts cannot exceed 900 rubles.

Yes, if the minimum order amount requirement is met, the discount will be automatically applied by the system at checkout.

What products can you buy again? A lot of different ones.

A selection compiled according to the individual interests of the user is available follow this link.

All products here are again divided into two types.


▪ 0–497 rubles
▪ 497–993 rubles
▪ 993–1489 rubles
▪ 1489–1985 rubles.
▪ 1985 rubles and above


▪ Technology and electronics
▪ Household goods
▪ Clothes and shoes
▪ Sports, cars, tools
▪ Mom and baby

Products that take part in promotions are marked

When will the next promotion take place? This time from October 23, 2023 10:00:00 to October 28, 2023 09:59:59 Moscow time.

Moreover, in order to take part in the promotion, goods must be paid for at this particular time. Earlier or later is not possible.

Who can take part in the promotion? As before, any citizen of the Russian Federation aged 18 years and older.

A more detailed description of the terms of the promotion can be found here.

What can you buy with a big discount?


▪ Baseus portable car compressor
▪ IP surveillance camera with large zoom
▪ BYINTEK mini projector with 4K
▪ Reliable jump charger for cars
▪ External battery with MagSafe support.

All these and many other products can be purchased today and for a couple of days at a big discount. Oktoberfest page content More = cheap food individually for each user.

At the same time, items that were viewed before, as well as other mechanisms of the site, are considered.

In general, in a couple of days you can acquire a lot of little things that you previously would have been a pity to spend money on. Now this can be done with great savings. If you didn’t have time to do this during the promotion, a second one will happen.

▶︎ Buy products on AliExpress with a discount

✓ Topic:

▪ 15 useful weeks on AliExpress. For example, the latest Xiaomi TV box
▪ Thing. Stylish compact power bank-keychain Joyroom for charging Apple Watch on the go
▪ 15 living room accessories from AliExpress. For example, the coolest table football
▪ 15 pieces of real products on AliExpress. For example, a telescopic back scratcher.
▪ 15 bedroom accessories from AliExpress. For example, a night light with a motion sensor

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