TikTok is testing Upload videos up to 15 minutes long, five minutes more than the current available limit. The news was first seen by social media consultant Matt Navarra and was confirmed by the live platform this Monday (23). TechCrunch.

According to the post, TikTok only announced that the new limit had gone into effect. testing with a select group of users in some regions, but without revealing further details. For example, it is unknown whether and when the extended period of recordings will be made public.

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Navarra shared a screenshot of the message the company sent to people who participated in the test on his Threads profile. The image contains the following information: Longer videos can be submitted both via the service app and the web versionaccessed via browsers.

Increasing the length of TikTok videos offers a number of benefits to creators, allowing them extra time to churn out material like recipes, educational content, various types of tutorials, and comedy skits. In that case, Recordings exceeding 10 minutes need to be split into parts.

Is TikTok a rival to YouTube?

The application, which was created with a focus on short video sharing, would be signaling that it plans to compete with YouTube in the future with 15-minute videos on TikTok.

The Google platform has always been known for hosting long content, but it also has its own version for those who prefer shorter materials.

The limit increase made by the China-based service over time is noteworthy. Initially, the app allowed videos of a maximum of 15 seconds.Some users did not like the fact that it later changed to 60 seconds, three minutes, five minutes and even reached 10 minutes last year.

Here’s another indication that the company is indeed planning to increase competition and attract an increasing number of YouTube users. test with landscape full screen modeallows you to view content in the same way as the Google app. The option began rolling out to a small group of people in TikTok-selected regions late last year.

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