CES 2023 just around the corner, and major companies are using the days before the official start of the event to showcase their most impressive technology. When Samsungput up new screens ability to slide to resize. A very interesting development, which is promised to be applied to both laptops and foldable mobile phones. In fact, it is in the latter case that one can see its most astonishing potential, hand in hand with the concept dubbed FlexHybrid.

We are talking about foldable smartphone prototype D slider that Samsung brought to Las Vegas to showcase the progress of its screen division. Of course, this device is not designed to reach consumers, at least not immediately. However, it serves as proof of the strategy the South Koreans are willing to use in the future development of their foldable phones.

Samsung’s Flex Hybrid is presented as a device that has a certain look to the Galaxy Z Fold line of foldable phones. That is, the phone looks normal, but what can you open to use its internal screen as if it were a tablet. Of course, we do not have a completely functional smartphone, but the idea is clear. The essence of this concept is that, in addition to being able to open it with a central hinge, you can expand its screen by sliding the right edge outward.

Flex Hybrid: mobile phones of the future will be foldable and sliding

Using only a folding section, the concept offers a panel of 10.5 inches with an aspect ratio of 4:3. But with the help of the retractable part you can enlarge it to size 12.4 inches, with an aspect ratio of 16:10. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t provided any additional details about the Flex Hybrid, such as its brightness or resolution. However, as a technology demonstrator, he gets the job done. The South Koreans mentioned that this is an interesting proposal for watching movies and videos, which suggests that when it reaches consumers, it can do so on media consumption-oriented devices.

The thought of mobile phones with folding and sliding screens is certainly attractive; At least on paper. But Samsung still needs to work out a few major issues with its existing foldable smartphones — screen creases, hinge lock, etc. — before it risks adding more complexity with a slider. Especially when brands like Xiaomi show great progress in this regard.

Samsung isn’t the first company to experiment with phone concepts that can expand screen size as needed. Before abandoning its smartphone business, LG was working on a similar technology, but not with foldable phones. This firm did this with a convolution system that worked with gestures. And while for many it was nothing more than a gimmick meant to impress at events like CES, it had a real implementation. It was hand in hand Foldable LGa smartphone that was made by a Korean firm but never went on sale, and which we could see in all its glory in a video released last year.

YouTube video

Samsung also wants to update screens for laptops.

Of course, the concept that Samsung unveiled at CES 2023. has other benefits. After all, the Asian brand intends to combine the concept of foldable mobile phones, which it already knows well, with the concept of retractable screens. It will be interesting to see if details are provided on how the system for panel expansion works and what are the real chances of seeing it applied to a mainstream product in the short to medium term.

It is worth noting that in addition to the Flex Hybrid for foldable phones, Samsung is also introducing other concepts that also use screen shift technology. This is about Flex sliding solo D Flexible Sliding Duo, which can expand from 13″ or 14″ to 17.3″. The former can only move the screen in one direction, while the latter can do it in both directions.

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