We are currently working on permanent systems (MANPADS) in the mid-50s, which have become a formidable weapon that is in the arsenal of most armies around the world.

The main “prey” of MANPADS operators is low-altitude ground targets located outside. The missile’s guidance is ensured by a sensitive thermal head, which is why the constant use of missile protection from MANPADS is the shooting of special heat traps, which diverts the missile to the side. It’s too much, it’s too much, and it’s hard to get enough money. First of all, the transport system is used by real fireworks.

However, the effectiveness of traps is not unlimited. For the same system, author Northrop Grumman developed the Advanced Tactical Engagement Awareness (ATHENA) dual-use sensor system. The idea of ​​an intelligent always-on system like I monitors potential threats, including MANPADS and even guided rotary tank missiles.

ATHENA has high resolution, long range and about 360 gren to react to the situation, combining several video streams into one – the ability to literally “see” through the fuselage.

Northrop Grumman ATHENA

Source: Tech Cult

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