Yandex has started the final stage of testing unmanned vehicles. The company was the first in Europe to launch driverless cars on the roads of Innopolis in Tatarstan. This was reported by the press service of the technology company.

Yandex began the first tests in Europe of unmanned vehicles without a driver in the cabin

They said that these tests are carried out in three stages. In the first, the driver sits behind the wheel of the car, but does not control the car, he only controls the process in case of unforeseen situations.

At the second stage, the tester is already in the passenger seat with an emergency braking device. In the final third stage, the car drives itself and is accompanied on the roads by another vehicle with an operator who can stop the movement remotely.

The company added that since 2018, Yandex unmanned vehicles have made 77 thousand trips in Innopolis and the total mileage is 1 million kilometers.

In summer, Yandex’s Serbian subsidiary, Self Driving Group, began testing its self-driving cars in Belgrade.

And in September it became known that the American division of the company, specialized in working with unmanned vehicles, had resumed its work. In 2022, the projects were suspended due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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