The online purchase of two iPhone 14s turned out to be quite unusual for a consumer from the city of Sorriso, Mato Grosso. Apple bought a box with vibrators instead of mobile phonesAs reported by Digital Newspaper on Thursday (30).

According to the publication, A 20-year-old young man bought iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max from a company that sells via WhatsApp. He was probably attracted by the prices, which were much lower than those charged in traditional online stores.

One of the models cost R$ 3,500, and the other was sold for R$ 4,200.. For comparison, according to the values ​​researched on the TecMundo comparator, the average price of the 256 GB iPhone 14 Pro is around R$ 7,500 and the price of the 512 GB iPhone 14 Pro Max is around R$ 9,600.

In other words, the buyer spent almost R$ 8,000 to buy the two phones; this amount could only buy one in traditional stores. Offering products at prices well below average is a key feature of online fraudIt requires care not to be deceived.

No response from seller

The woman who bought two iPhone 14s and a vibrator also had problems paying for the products. When you contact the store, He chose to pay for the purchase in 12 installments but the transaction was charged to his card in cash.

The payment was made via a link sent by the seller via WhatsApp, and shortly after the transaction was confirmed, the young woman received the tracking code for the order. However, when she received the package home, she found an unusual accessory instead of a mobile phone.

After receiving the box containing the vibrator, the customer tried to reach the company via messenger, but did not receive any response. He also filed a consumer harm complaint with the Mato Grosso Civil Police. Investigating the incident recorded as embezzlement crime.

Source: Tec Mundo

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