Russian scientists from Russian National Research Medical University named after. Pirogov emphasized the prospects of training, but it is better to fight Beterev’s disease (kylosing spondylitis). As a result of this work, a number of new types of drugs have been created that allow for effective self-immunization, including against type I diabetes.

As described, the pre-production is shown in the monoclonal video. This antibody provides the ability to selectively destroy the installation. These are the cells that support the immune system, which are included in the code. They take advantage of cell phones and offer them to you. occurrence of autoimmune diseases.

In the branches of the previous stages, they were removed, the duration of preparation became practically the development of Beterev’s disease and at the same time did not resort to coordination when This is due to insufficient activity of the immune system.

For this reason, the Ministry of Justice added that the Russian Foreign Ministry knows. from industrial counterparties university.

Source: Tech Cult

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