Valak (Bonnie Aarons) returns to the horror movie stage. But either because there’s nothing new about the character or because his script is weak, Nun II, available on Max, is more tedious than scary. Despite his best efforts, he fails to develop his titular character beyond surprise appearances designed purely to shock.

Again and again the film raises the question: what is the origin of evil? But the plot avoids answering the central question in favor of a predictable plot that resolves in a jumbled manner.

This is not the first time in the saga. Warren Files. This He was born in 2013 by James Wan and is irregular most of the time. Of course, the most interesting part of the story involves demonologists performed by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. However, others are hesitant. Specifically, what has to do with the terrifying demon in clerical garb that first appeared in Warren File: Enfield Case.

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Nun II

Michael Chavez’s The Nun 2 does the worst thing a horror movie can do: bore. Full of platitudes and more akin to religious melodrama than creepy, the plot fails to effectively flesh out its central figure. Instead, Valak ends up being an annoying character and even a great supporting role in his own movie. Without a doubt the weakest part of the so-called Warrenverse.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another story of the Warren universe

The first film about the demonic nun, released in 2018, It was a disaster in the way she presented her idea.. Combining religious and folk horror, it attempted to be an origin story for the monster and spin off central franchise. He achieved neither one nor the other. Despite this, it triumphed at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing film in the saga. Which guaranteed him a continuation in the future and, perhaps, more participation of the dark character in the filming of feature films.

But Nun II, has little interest in exploring some of the most famous obsessions from the other eight films in the universe. If only the first one showed the battle of faith between the sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) and devilish Valak, the second returns to the same scenario. Five years after the events described, the nun became a symbol of the power of spiritual purity. A well-planned script could have connected the film to the questions asked in the rest of the films. Specifically, the origins of the supernatural and the motives of various entities to attack defenseless victims.

There’s nothing new about The Nun 2.

Except that director Michael Chavez uses the passage of time not as a way to develop his protagonist, but as a way to enhance his mystery. This is a nun who performed a miracle. So the Catholic Church needs another to keep the fervor going around it. The argument does not explain how to understand what happened in the previous part. The only thing is that Irina is clear evidence of being attacked by the devilish creatures around her, so the Vatican should be an expert to consult. Which is reinforced by his friendship with Debra (Storm Reid) a novice plagued by doubts about what she believes and what might be true.

In fact, the first hour Nun II, the film wastes its time going in circles around the same idea. What’s real and what’s not? What the plot doesn’t explain is the reason why it needs to be shown. Especially if you immediately make it clear that the duo of the main characters are traveling around Europe in the midst of paranormal murder cases. But the film doesn’t seem to care much about logic and its underlying contradictions. In fact, his interest is in capitalizing on his creepy central being and turning him into an object of eternal horror.

The demon who can’t scare

The film also makes a mistake in presenting the nature of its monster and how its limitations and advantages work. Valak He appears and disappears for no reason, and the director tries his best to create a terrifying atmosphere around him and emphasize that his powers are enormous. That is, of course, unless he encounters two very young nuns in their usual attire. when the demon retreats and becomes a liability to his own mythology.

In the hands of Michael Chavez, who made an unforgettable and mediocre film. Curse of Llorona, Valak It is a repetitive and dull figure. Stripped of all its mystery, it is simply an image that appears anywhere for no logical reason. It is not established whether he is pursuing Irene in an attempt to stop her from revealing his secrets, or if this is revenge for the nun’s victory in the previous film. The only thing that is clear is that the character, who is supposed to be based on a mystery, is so expendable that he would become a luxurious supporting role in his own movie.

boring and predictable horror movie

Without creativity and imagination, Nun II His influence is based on the unification of good and evil in a struggle of wills. On the one hand, there is Irene, who now has all the weapons to send her – again – to hell. On the other hand, the entity is called upon to test her beliefs and lead her into temptation. But the script is so clumsy that even the clichéd moments are boring, pointless and completely pointless.

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The ending is left open for a third part, which is sure to be filmed. Unfortunately, however, the film is so dependent on the availability an evil monster that can be shown in dark corridors than a good story to back it up. Your biggest problem.

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