These days, changes in health care policy are being discussed in different countries of the world. Work tripswith the aim of reducing hours and days, with the aim of promoting leisure and relaxation, increasing productivity.

And one of the latest proposals that has attracted a lot of attention comes from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Aztec and Latin American telecommunications host believes the day may come 36 hours a week, three days, 12 hours a day and retirement at 75.

Carlos Slim’s Workday Proposal

The Mexican is now at the XXVIII plenary meeting of the Circulo Montevideo Foundation and expressed his point of view there.

Slim emphasizes that the technology available to modern companies can reduce hours to 36 hours per week and increase productivity through artificial intelligence and other innovations.

“Working fewer days, three days, not four, not five, three, more hours, more years and having more people will create new demand for new activities, important entertainment, sports, etc.,” Carlos said Slim.

Staff training should be improved, with particular emphasis on education for groups at risk of social exclusion. “There is a need for marginalized people to join the economy with good education, training and jobs,” Slim stressed.

Regarding retirement at age 75, the Mexican businessman emphasized that “we are living longer. It is very important that retirement is not so early.”

Source: Digital Trends

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