The international holiday Halloween remains popular in Russia. On the eve of the event, demand for the services of masters in pumpkin carving, thematic decoration of premises and rental of costumes increased significantly, according to analyzes by Avito Services and Avito Tovarov.

The most popular Halloween costumes among Russians have been revealed.

In the second half of October, demand for Halloween-themed services increased by 78%. On the Avito platform, sales of various carnival costumes increased by 63% year-on-year.


The most popular costume for girls this year is Lady Bug. After the release of the cartoon of the same name, sales of this set increased by 73%.

The traditional leaders of costume parties also remain at the top: this year the image of a Disney princess was chosen one and a half times more than the previous year. Among children, the most popular costumes are the pirate suit (+60%) and the Spider-Man suit (+40).

On average, a suit for a girl on Avito will cost 810 rubles, and for a boy – 670 rubles.


Among adult Russian women, the most attractive idea of ​​​​transformation was to try on the image of Barbie. Avito associates the high demand with the enthusiasm for the film “Barbie”, directed by Greta Gerwig, released this year. Sales of Barbie-style costumes have increased almost two and a half times. The average price of such equipment is 2,060 rubles.

The image of a witch has also remained at the top among the female public for several years. Such a suit costs an average of 2,270 rubles and in October it was purchased 75% more than the previous year.

This year men prefer images of vampires or superheroes. The cost of these suits was approximately 2130 and 830 rubles, respectively.

But not all Russians who celebrate Halloween immediately buy a ready-made costume. Some people prefer to create a unique image for themselves.

In October, all types of masks were purchased on Avito 1.5 times more than last year, and raincoats – 2.9 times more.

Demand also increased for thematic makeup artist services (+122%) and evening makeup (+72%). Popular requests include having a technician come to your home or directly to a party. The cost of the service averages 1 thousand rubles and varies depending on the complexity of the makeup.

There are also those who do their own makeup and buy face paint for it. In October, sales increased by a quarter (26%). The average bill was 740 rubles.

Avito notes that the number of Russians celebrating Halloween grows every year. Compared to 2022, demand for thematic services has increased by 74%.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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