The MTS operator does not agree with the FAS requirement to provide unlimited Internet distribution from mobile devices, RBC writes with reference to the press service.

MTS opposed FAS’s demand to cancel Internet distribution fees

The company believes that the current rates are economically determined and designed for individual consumption of traffic from smartphones. At the same time, PCs consume more traffic, which means that a different line of tariffs is provided.

The press service explained that equalizing traffic prices for all categories of devices will lead to the fact that operators will have to increase the cost of traffic for all tariffs.

“In this way, ordinary subscribers with smartphones will pay for subscribers who actively distribute traffic,” MTS said.

In the summer, the Federal Antimonopoly Service decided to check whether operators complain to subscribers about charges for connecting an access point. Following the inspection, the service issued a warning to Big Four operators and then ordered them to cancel the fee for distributing traffic.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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