It became clear in the last hours Death of Colombian actor Nicolás Cardona The actor who stole the hearts of Colombians with his character ‘Bumby’ in the soap opera ‘Chepe Fortuna’.

The soap opera, which aired in 2010, tells the story of the impossible love between Chepe, a humble fisherman who dreams of becoming mayor, and Niña Cabrales, an environmentalist from a wealthy coastal family. The film was directed by Mario Ribero and starred Javier Jattin and Taliana Vargas.

In the production, Nicolás Cardona played ‘Bumby’, an officious paisa woman who gets into trouble and constantly fights. Born in Antioquia, Nicolás studied Animal Science and started his artistic career at the age of 16. He was also a sworn translator.

Cardona, in addition to his participation in ‘Chepe Fortuna’ Other productions include Passion of Gavilanes, House of Queens and Merlina Divine Woman. the second in which he played Plutarch.

Entertainment journalist Carlos Ochoa paid tribute to Nicolás on his Instagram account, where he shared photos and video clips of his performances.

Details surrounding his death are unknown at this time; Although it has appeared in various media Cardona He retired from acting to recover from delicate scars left by a brain aneurysm that affected his speech and movements. Due to his health, he decided to leave Bogota and settle in Medellín.

Nicolás Cardona also appeared in the cinema in Segio Cabrera’s film ‘Losing is a matter of method’ and in the theater in the comedy Todo o nada en La, in which he starred alongside Luis Fernando Bohórquez, Óscar Borda, Alejandro Tamayo and Naren Daryanani. Castellana.

Some of his friends and colleagues expressed their sadness at the Colombian actor’s surprising death; among them was actor Endry Cardeño, who starred with him in ‘Chepe Fortuna’.

Next up is the unforgettable role of ‘Bumby’ in a song from ‘Chepe Fortuna’.

Source: Exame

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